This is me!

My name is Kimberly and I am proud to say I am Latina! My ┬áparents are from Guatemala but I was born in the California but moved to Louisiana at a young age.My first language was Spanish, then I learned English from my cousins growing up.As long as I can remember I have been involved in church.My family is very religious so that means I have been raised as a christian since I was born.We are a family of 6, my parents 2 sisters and 1 younger brother.When I was about 7 my mom became a pastor, and their started my life as a Pastor’s kid.I was raised to have God as my number one and that has not changed.I started to sing in my church and have become lead singer.My goals in life you may ask? Well for starters to please God.I want to have a carrier in school but do not have a clue right now.My goals for the school year is to have good grades to please my family.I would also like to be involved in school activities,to be busy with school and other things.My hobbies include helping my mom out in church when she needs it, reading, listening to music, and soccer.I love sports and my favorite sport is soccer.As far as pets go I only have one and its my dog.My favorite food is called “churrasco” a Guatemalan dish.I have heard things about high school like it’s the real deal and it is.I am a little scared about entering high school, many things change.But I think I’m prepared for the new experiences and the new friends.