My Flood Experience

On August 12, 2016 was only the beginning of a huge tragedy. It had started to pour down rain the day before and would not stop, to went on to the next day. School was canceled on that day because of some streets flooding. My family and I had no idea what was going on. Two days before it started to flood,my parents had just come back from a trip out of the country while my brother and I had stayed with our sister and her family. We had not gone grocery shopping which made our situation worst with not much food.My sister’s house had lost power so my dad took his truck to go pick them up so they could stay with us. My sister and her husband took a truck and went to try to find some stores to buy some food. They were gone for some time because of the roads closing from the flooding. They had came back after being gone for a long time with some food. In my home were my parents, brother, sister, brother in-law,and their 2 kids. In total we were 8 living off of a small portion of  food.We were like this for a few days, we could not move from where we were because of all the roads closed. What I learned is that you should appreciate what you have you will never know what happens  and take advantage of every moment you have with your family.